Beyond Inspired Fitness & Sports Therapy — Brand Identity and Animation

Creating a brand which embodies powerful core values.

This fitness industry start-up required a brand which expressed their mission of equipping clients to exceed their fitness and sporting expectations through attuned personal training and sports therapy services.

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The core value of working with clients to support them every step of their journey — to go beyond — is depicted by the stylised ‘b’ and ‘d’ which incorporate two figures — one for each of the business owners.

The strong use of uplifting colours are representative of the fitness industry, whilst the rounded and open characteristics of the typography has a softer, more approachable feel.

Beyond Inspired Logos_Fitness and Sports Therapy_Reversed_CMYK Jodie Cole
Beyond Inspired Logos_Fitness and Sports Therapy_CMYK Jodie Cole
Beyond Inspired Business Card Jodie Cole

The typographic nature of the design allows for real flexibility in how it’s used across multiple platforms.

Beyond Inspired Tshirt Jodie Cole
Beyond Inspired Hoody Jodie Cole
Beyond Inspired Facebook Page Jodie Cole

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