National Apprenticeship Week 2017

The 10th National Apprenticeship Week landed this March and I was honored to play my part by volunteering to conduct mock interviews for the design students at Develop.

Develop is a not-for-profit organisation based in Norwich which delivers a comprehensive range of education and training programmes across the Eastern region for young people from ages 14-19.

The purpose of the week is to encourage more people to choose apprenticeships as a fast-track pass to a great career.

The role I was interviewing the students for was a graphic design position which required a highly motivated individual with creative flair, good computer skills and a strong knowledge of the industry standard design software.

The feedback from the five students interviewed was very positive. They found the process very useful with half of them saying that they would strongly consider an apprenticeship as their preferred progression following education. That sounds like great feedback to me!

“We all know job interviews can be incredibly scary, especially to those yet to step into the world of employment. To be able to help the students learn and gain the skills required was a great privileged.”

Ellis, one of the students taking part commented: “I felt nervous going into the interview, but once I got into the interview and starting talking to Jodie it became more easier to be myself and to come out of my shell. The experience was great and I really enjoyed It. Overall, the interview has given me an insight into what an interview is like and has helped me for when I will have an interview for a job one day.”

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Big Book Crit at Norwich University of the Arts

Myself and colleague David had the pleasure of taking part in the second ‘Big Book Crit’ for Norwich University of the Arts in October.

The event, which is free to attend for students, is run across different regions within the UK and gives degree level students a unique opportunity to show their work to leading creative industry professionals.

Throughout the evening, both David and myself spent time with a mixture of design, photography and illustration students conducting portfolio crits on a one-to-one basis, allowing them to gain valuable skills in presenting their work effectively.

It’s fair to say that there was an exceptionally high standard of work and the students were all very forthcoming in explaining their ideas and thought processes.

Naked Marketing look forward to being involved with the next Big Book Crit taking place in April 2017.

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Alan Kitching – A life in Letterpress

World renowned typographer, designer and letterpress practitioner Alan Kitching is currently exhibiting at Snape Maltings, Suffolk where I was lucky to have the opportunity to see the man himself give a talk. Here I reflect on my visit.

Alan looked like a designer – well dressed, hair and moustache just so, and those thick rimmed glasses that’s so characteristic of a designer. His work is just amazing and I was quite in awe. With my educational background having a more hand rendered and print making approach I already had an understanding of the time and effort involved with creating each of the artworks on display. Each piece has its own story, its own concept and, most importantly to Alan, a logic. You can’t just make things up after all!

Explaining his Hamlet poster you could clearly see that Alan took inspiration from the film, with the red letterforms representing the young Hamlet, whilst the smaller white lettering represents the ghost of Hamlets late father. As is the nature of letterpress – it can take a few attempts to get the print just right. When asked: How do you know when a ‘happy accident’ is a mistake or a piece of art? Alan replied with: “Acceptance is key, you don’t interfere with the art or the pieces of type”.

Above: Me with the amazing man himself

I had the pleasure of asking Alan what had been the most challenging commission he’s worked on to date and he spoke of a recent project involving a large hoarding around a London building. “The challenge was working with local school children to create the artwork. Whilst they were so sweet, the workshops were complete chaos – it took three months in total to complete”.

To have an insight into Alan’s background, design theory on particular pieces and an understanding of the processes involved with particularly technical artwork was truly inspiring. “Even with a limited amount of letters, you can create a wonderful thing.”

With thanks to Chris Skinner for the use of his photos


Guest Lecture at Norwich City College

Norwich City College invited our me to speak to UAL level 3 Graphic Design students in the newly built creative arts building on the southern end of the campus.

Students had the opportunity to learn about my educational background, studio life at Naked Marketing and the steps involved with producing a new brand.

Later in the session I set the students a personal branding task to help them with the initial ideas stage of producing an identity for themselves. Students were asked to fill out a questionnaire which asked them to explore their own personality and traits. The questions ranged from what word best described them, and what energises and ignites them.

From this the students where able to pick two or three key concepts to base their identity on. Next the students got drawing – the exciting bit! During this, students had the opportunity to question me about my role on a more 1-2-1 basis.

At the end of the session a handful of students were asked to show the initial sketches to the group whilst I offered a creative critique. One had explored creating type from geometric shapes to communicate his perfectionism, whilst another had a great little ‘evolution’ concept running through his design, shown through the shapes and colouring/shading of his identity. A music loving student explored a iconographic approach and my favourite, Dan, had created an illustration for each letterform which depict a different trait about him – from his curly hair to his love of sport.

Overall it seemed that students (and myself included!) enjoyed the experience. The students hopefully benefitted from an insight into the ‘real world’ of graphic design and the branding task helped towards the unit they are currently studying for their grade at the end of the year.

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