Go on, you know you want too

I’ve been thinking about it for ages. What’s stopping me? Life’s too short isn’t it? Go on, make it happen – bite the bullet!

It’s new years day 2017. My social feed is full of stuff about new beginnings, new years resolutions, fresh starts. There I am sat with the webpage open, daring myself to do it. To move my mouse over the button and hit submit. Click!

“Oh my goodness, I’ve done it! I feel so pleased with myself! I’ve just entered my first ever Spartan race.”

Obstacle races have gained immense popularity over the past couple of years. Tougher Mudder… Spartan… Bear Grills… all there to test your fitness, strength, resilience and most of all, your ability to get muddy… very muddy!

Setting the challenge

I’d been thinking of doing a Tougher Mudder or Spartan race for quite sometime (like two years!!) Having done some research on what each race was about, the levels of difficulty and seeing peoples feedback – I choose to enter a Spartan Beast race. The toughest of the Spartan races available, I’d read that the races themselves were more challenging than Tougher Mudder with trickier obstacles and often further distances. This would be a real challenge and something to set my mind on for developing my fitness over the coming months (mixed in with my MTB racing of course!) It wasn’t until I saw my personal trainer a couple of days later that she made me realise that I’d entered a half marathon with 30+ obstacles mixed in for good measure! Gulp!


So my main challenge for the event is learning to running – I’ve never (ever!) been a fan. With that in mind I joined the running club at the gym which meets every Wednesday evening, and when I’m not MTBing on a Saturday I do the local 5k ParkRun. Having other people to meet and run with is a real incentive for me. I’m pleased to say that to date, my longest run has been 7 miles, and i’ve achieved a PB at every ParkRun I’ve done… though I’m sure I can’t maintain that forever! My personal trainer has, rather sneakily, been slipping in sprints into my sessions most weeks too. It all helps I guess!

Over the next couple of months I need to be getting the distance in – to be running those 10k’s, and more if I can – to build up my endurance. I know I can do it, my head just need’s convincing.

Anyway, that’s enough about running! The moral of this story is to go out there and do it! Take the plunge and make it happen. Stop thinking about it, free your mind and push (or click) that button! It’ll make you feel elated I promise!

Go on, you know you want too…

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