How competitive are you?

I can’t help myself – I love to be a little competitive. Infact I think it’s a very healthy disposition to have. It helps you learn and strive forward – for something more, for something better.

It’s what makes me tick to some degree. Whilst i’m guilty of occasionally getting stuck in my own comfortable little bubble (aren’t we all?), it only takes someone to say something, or for me to snap out of it and engage the brain, to get right back on it again – to keep that yearning for something more.

“How competitive are you? How does it fit into your day-to-day life? I seem to use competitiveness quite a lot…”

In the design studio…

Graphic design in my opinion is incredibly competitive. On an individual basis, creatives are always searching for that really clever concept. The one where others go ‘I wish i’d thought of that’. This in itself can be a challenge, however it’s what drives us and keeps us on top of our game. It gains you respect from colleagues, from other agencies and of course from clients.

In a broader sense, design agencies as a collective often have to tender/pitch for work against each other too. It is a competitive market out there and, lets face it, it’s always really nice when your design work, knowledge and business/work ethics are enough to win over a client.

Working out at the gym…

I like to exercise, be that in the gym, running around the park, or cycling! Using competitiveness is a great tool, infact it’s the perfect tool for testing yourself against your last best time. Who doesn’t want to be on top form? Yes its hard, tough and very exhausting, but what a great sense of achievement when you’ve beaten your last PB. Even my personal trainer has cottoned onto my competitive streak and often sets me a gym challenge with a time to beat.

Away from the gym there’s the ParkRuns – I’m yet to do one where I haven’t beaten my last PB, which is great. This often comes down to the fact that on the day I always pick someone at my pace or slightly faster to try and keep up with. I just can’t help it!

And of course, I do compete in MTB races. This is where my competitiveness to be fitter in the gym pays off on the race track – though I do tend to measure my results over a season rather than just a couple of races due to the many factors that can make such a difference on race day. Sometimes it really can be about being the tortoise, not the hare!

…and even at home!

Ha ha, who doesn’t like beating your better half at something? Just this weekend I enjoyed a little gloating having beaten my partner at a game of table hockey in the seaside arcades. What great fun.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s good to be competitive – whether that’s for self improvement at work, getting fitter at the gym, or indeed for a little jovial fun at the seaside. It leaves you with a sense of achievement, confidence and best of all, happiness.

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