‘Working out’ to create a brand

Helen Barnes has been my personal trainer for quite some time now. She’s totally awesome and has helped me get fitter, loose weight and get back on the podium at my MTB races! When she asked me if i’d be able to help with a little project which involved creating her a brand and designing a workout diary for her clients, I was delighted to have the opportunity.

First of all, after an initial chat about what Helen had in mind, I got sketching. Many of the concept where based predominately around stylised typography and fitness based iconography. After another quick catch-up the sketches where digitalised so that Helen could see a select few designs come to life.

Energetic personality

The final solution combines a ‘H’ and ‘B’ within a solid roundel. This represents Helen’s ability to provide an all encompassing fitness programme suited to her clients needs and goals. The blue mottled background adds depth to the logo and reflects Helen’s fun and energetic personality.

Now we had a logo we could move to the next stage and create Helen’s workout diary. To be used as a go-to guide, clients would be able to keep a record of each training session. Furthermore it would contain useful tips on what to eat and how to portion food out.

In conclusion brand and workout diary have been very well received by Helen’s clients which is great news. For me it’s been a great opportunity to mix two of my passions (fitness and design) and as a client myself, I love having my very own booklet to record everything in one place.

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