I’m Jodie Cole, a multi-skilled senior creative with a background in graphic design. Using playful thinking and a strong eye for type, my work has a mindful focus on creating effective and meaningful results.

Jodie Cole Senior Creative

Currently working at Naked Marketing in Norfolk, I practice graphic design for both print and digital platforms, servicing an eclectic range of clients. I also enjoy some photography on the side, and have recently developed my animation and video editing skills.

I’m also a keen cyclist, competing regionally at MTB XC, a secret lover of the BBC drama Holby City and a devoted dog lover to Wilson who changed our lives forever in September 2015.

What’s Jodieism?

Well, in essence it’s my inability to say some words and phrases correctly. Over time friends, loved ones and colleagues have picked up on these and affectionately refer to them as a Jodieism – so there you have it!

You’ll say ‘two or three’_
I’ll say ‘couple of three’ (…so six?)

You might say ‘if it’s any consolation’_
I’ll say ‘if it’s any constellation’

You’ll ‘paraphase’_
I prefer to ‘power-phrase’


November 2018_ Shortlisted for the ‘Eye for Design’ DevelopHer award
March 2007_ Winner of ‘Trainee of the Year’ Creative East award
June 2006_ Awarded membership to the International Society of Typographic Designers

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