Jodie Cole Birmingham Design Festival

A ‘bostin’ day at Birmingham Design Festival

Recently I joined the Naked Marketing creative team on a day trip hto attend the first ever Birmingham Design Festival. A celebration of the local, national and international design industry, the festival indulged visitors by treating them to a very high calibre of speakers. Read More

Jodie Cole MTB XC

Winter series podium continues winning streak

Taking the Senior Female Champion win at Mud, Sweat and Gears was definitely the highlight of my 2017 summer season, and I’ve managed to continue this success at the Kings Lynn MTB 2017/18 Winter series. Read More

Jodie Cole Hand Lettering

The art of hand-lettering

Typography can have a habit of losing its personal touch and, with this in mind, I took part in a short course in hand-drawn lettering to inject some personality into my typography. Read More

Be Prepared

I’m quite an organised person. It stresses me out if i’m late for an appointment, if i’m lost when trying to get somewhere or if the house is untidy. Therefore it’s an absolute must for me to prepare the day before a race so I know, in my mind, that I’m all set to go. Read More

‘Working out’ to create a brand

Helen Barnes has been my personal trainer for quite some time now. She’s totally awesome and has helped me get fitter, loose weight and get back on the podium at my MTB races! When she asked me if i’d be able to help with a little project which involved creating her a brand and designing a Read More

A zest for advertising

Zest Car Rental have grown to become the number one car hire broker in the UK. They needed an advert design which would feature within the National Geographic Traveller magazine in their ‘Natural wonders of the USA’ feature. In addition, the magazine doesn’t normally contain car hire adverts so this seemed like a great opportunity to Read More

How competitive are you?

I can’t help myself – I love to be a little competitive. Infact I think it’s a very healthy disposition to have. It helps you learn and strive forward – for something more, for something better. It’s what makes me tick to some degree. Whilst i’m guilty of occasionally getting stuck in my own comfortable Read More

Go on, you know you want too

I’ve been thinking about it for ages. What’s stopping me? Life’s too short isn’t it? Go on, make it happen – bite the bullet! It’s new years day 2017. My social feed is full of stuff about new beginnings, new years resolutions, fresh starts. There I am sat with the webpage open, daring myself to Read More

Looks can be deceiving

This is Wilson, our very photogenic (if he stays still for long enough!) 2 year old Labrador. He’s the perfect candidate for some dog photography practice. We love him to pieces and can’t imagine life without him now. He’s a real terror sometimes, especially if he’s not had his walk in the morning or night. Read More

Capturing a boutique essence

Capturing the essence of this boutique north Norfolk hotel and Michelin starred fine dining restaurant was a photography delight with so many lovely rooms to shoot. Morston Hall is an award winning country house hotel and restaurant located 2 miles from Blakeney on the North Norfolk coast. They had recently built a new wing to Read More

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